Construction and Development Process Streamlining for the 21st Century


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Taking a construction or development project from planning to completion is no small matter. It involves architects, builders, subcontractors, vast materials, permits, inspections and above all management to oversee and orchestrate the process. In the past construction and development businesses had no choice but to generate reams of paper records. These were dutifully stored in file cabinets by office staff. Typically, records were organized according to the secretary’s whim. If she or he wanted all architectural drawings kept together and all purchase orders filed in one folder, that’s what happened. On the other hand, if a system that kept everything relating to one job in one folder was the preferred system that was the office’s rule of law. Each job’s process was managed entirely manually.

It’s a new day for the construction and development industry thanks to Enterprise Document Management (EDM) systems  like the FileBound suite of solutions. FileBound combines the best of document management with process management to deliver a complete system that simplifies control of every job, tracks everything and assures the process moves along on the schedule you set at the outset.

Plans, receipts, vendor contact information, permits, bills of lading—everything is at your fingertips in an instant. No digging through files. You can track projects electronically, assuring each party in the construction process has completed their portion of the project when needed and that all paperwork is complete. Then, in the correct order, you move the project to the next phase. You create the perfect electronic project documentation and history right through inspection and even sale.

Not only does FileBound keep your processes on track, you enjoy greater productivity, reduce the sheer volume of paper generated by a project and exercise a level of control over your work that previously was unattainable.

Several Types of Documents You Can Manage Using FileBound:

Planning & Design

  • Project Objectives
  • Surveys
  • Design Specifications
  • Time and Materials Estimates
  • Overhead Calculations

Tendering and Contracting

  • Requests for Bids
  • Requests for Proposals
  • Bid Comparison Worksheets
  • Testimonials
  • Correspondence
  • Decision Records


  • Municipal Permits
  • Regulatory Documents
  • Health and Safety Requirements
  • Financial Plans
  • Loan Agreements
  • Work Inspection Reports
  • Work Schedules
  • Work Progress and Completion Reports
  • Attendance Cards / Time Cards
  • Inventory Records
  • Receipts